4720 Central Avenue

St. Petersburg, FL  33711



What are your hours?

We are open from 6:00 am to 1:00 am, seven days per week.  The store is well lit and is equipped with security cameras that the owner monitors randomly throughout the day and night.


How long does it take?

Our "express" front load washers and gas powered dryers are fast. Most wash cycles take around 25 minutes, and dryer times are typically less than 30 minutes. How would you like to get a week's worth of laundry (or even a month's worth) done in under an hour?


Do you offer drycleaning or ironing?

No, we do not offer these services at this time.


Where are your located?

We are located at 4720 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. Click here for directions.


Which washer size should I use to wash my comforter?


It depends on the actual size of your comforter. Selecting the right washer is as simple as trying it on for size. If you put the comforter into the washer and you find yourself using your shoulder in order to get the door shut, you probably ought to use a larger washer. On the other hand, our front load washers actually work better when they are more than half full. In fact, you can load the washer nearly completely full, just don't stuff it tight. Leave a little room for the water!


Help!!  Water is leaking from my washer.


Not a problem and it happens more frequently than you would guess.  You most likely have something caught in the door.  Push the red “Emergency Stop” button for 3 seconds (watch the machine count down).  Once the machine stops squealing you will hear the door lock click.  At that point you can open the door and re-arrange the offending item, close and lock the door and press “Start”.  The machine will re-start where it left off.


Open 6:00 am

Closed 2:30 am

Last wash 1:00 am

St. Petersburg:

Open 6:00 am

Closed 1:00 am

Last wash 12:00 am

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